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Top Collection of Brush Fonts

          Brush fonts are seeming to become more of a trend with logos and brands these days.  Moving on past just grunge, these fonts can be used for many things such as branding and logos.  Here’s … Continue reading

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40+ Creative Print Media Advertisements

Here are some great ads here!  I often have trouble with finding inspiration and thinking creatively and outside the box.  Thats why I wanted to post these clever ads on here.  I kinda skimmed through these briefly and some are … Continue reading

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Ridiculous client requests and how to deal with them

So here’s a good post about clients and how to deal with them.  I think its a pretty good post because I’ve personally had to deal with some ridiculous requests, like putting in way to much info!  To bad clients … Continue reading

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25 Examples of Stunning Typography

I actually love typography!  I like the fact that along with the picture you get additional feeling from the word(s).  Here is a list of awesome typography designs from Denis Designs.  Check it out HERE and thx Denis and all … Continue reading

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1030+ Illustrator Tutorials! Oh Emm Gee!

So I’ve seen this link posted all over the place!  Here over at Media Design Blueprint they put together this huge post that links to over 1030+ tutorials for Illustrator!  I haven’t seen em all but I checked the site … Continue reading

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Devising your own Freelance Contracts

This is a good article!  Highly recommended to new designers needing to create that contract.  Its a mid-length article but a quick read.  Its basically just examples of a contract and why they’re needed and what for.  Check out the … Continue reading

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